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"Welcome to Paragon!

My name is Stuart Lawson and I am the Manager and Co-owner of Paragon Gym. We’ve been here for over 20 years and our members' skillset ranges from absolute beginners to past and present European and World Champions/ ABA Champions.

We teach western kickboxing and boxing. We have a really safe and friendly environment so take the plunge – come in, try one class, see how you like it! 

Join the Paragon family today. "

Stuart Lawson

Owner/ Manager

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Are you wondering what to expect at our kickboxing and boxing classes? Here's an introductory video showing you around our gym in Shoreditch, shot during real Paragon training classes and sparring sessions.


We’ve been here at our London gym in Shoreditch, near Old Street, for 20 years now.

The average age we have at Paragon is anything from people in their teens to people in their mid-30s. That’s the average but our member’s age range is much more diverse – for example, we’ve currently got a warrior who is 59 and going to go for his kickboxing black belt just before his 60th birthday.

There are so many different skills needed in martial arts training: you need to have flexibility, you need to be powerful, you need to have speed, you need to have the right mental attitude towards your training. At Paragon, the average skill set of our members literally ranges from absolute beginners to past and present European and World Champions; ABA Champions. The good thing about it is all of them work cohesively together.

At Paragon, you can learn kickboxing and boxing to the highest levels in a relaxed and friendly environment. We teach a fusion of eastern and western martial arts, so in kickboxing classes, we do have some of the principles from karate, and some of the principles from taekwondo and boxing. We work something that we feel works very well - predominantly we kick above the waist, but we do some low kicks as well, so pretty much what they call an ‘American style’ kickboxing. 

At a single kickboxing or boxing workout at Paragon, most people will burn anything from 500 to 1000 calories, and by working your upper and lower body together, you’re working your metabolism on a much faster rate. Each class lasts about an hour, with longer classes during weekends and holidays.

The vibe that we’ve always and still have at Paragon, for over 20 years that we’ve been here in Shoreditch, is absolute respect for one another. We’ve got people that are really good at martial arts, we’ve got people who are really big in the city, we have all kinds of people - and everyone has to be looked after the same way, so you show camaraderie and respect to everyone. It doesn’t matter where our warriors are from, as soon as they walk into the gym they realise that’s how we do things and bit by bit - everyone accommodates it.

At Paragon, the way we structure both kickboxing classes and boxing sessions is that we run foundation (beginner) courses. You do either two foundation boxing courses or three kickboxing foundation courses. Courses are either six or eight weeks long. Once you’ve completed those courses you go through to the intermediate/ advanced classes in our system. 

At Paragon, we have many pricing options and we never charge a joining fee. For the beginner courses, we just charge you for the boxing and kickboxing classes that you do with us. Come in for a free trial session and if you like what we offer, then you can sign up for the six or eight-week course. Our recent prices can be found on our Pricing page, or you can call the gym, one of the trainers will be happy to guide you through.

If you’re a seasoned warrior or you’ve passed your foundation courses, you are welcome to attend our intermediate or advanced classes in both kickboxing and boxing. We also run separate sparring sessions for both intermediate and advanced warriors. To attend them, you can either get the all-classes-monthly membership or buy a 12 classes card at a discounted price. There’s also the option to just pay as you go.

What we have at Paragon is a safe and friendly environment. Our suggestion today is to take the dip: come in, try one class and see how you like it! We have a fantastic array of people that train and teach here. It’s a real family-based atmosphere with a real understanding of what fighting training is, so come in and join the London Paragon family!

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